Korean bbq & grill



  • Piano Solo 2:13
  • «é«ô£¦«í«ó«®«ó«°2:59
  • Taking Chances2:24

    Design concept by SERIM KIM.

WELCOME TO "K-Fusion" Korean BBQ & Grill.

환영합니다! (hwan-nyung-hab-ni-da)


We're here to invite the Boise & Meridian communities to taste the heart of Korea. Fused with flavors inspired from multi-cultures brought to life by chef Park's family. their original recipes perfected over six generations will keep you wanting more. No matter what kind of flavor you're craving, K-Fusion's creations will hit your sweet spot.

어서오십시오! (Uh-suh-o-ship-shi-oh)

Come on in!